Handrail / Wood Turned

Wood handrail and turned will be perfect for creating staircases and partitions. It can be painted in your chosen finish. The hand-turned, classic and elegant design will be a stand out feature in your home, adding a touch of grandeur.

Balustrade aka Wood Turning aka Banister

Kayu Nyatoh Turning Newel Post


Kayu Nyatoh (Mengkulang Timber)

Round Handrail
  • Kayu Nyatoh Standard Handrail 55mm x 74mm
  • Standard 2 Handrail 58mm x 78mm
  • Oval Handrail 44mm x 95mm
  • Oval 2 Handrail 44mm x 70mm
  • Dowel Handrail 70mm
  • Bottomrail 27mm x 76mm
  • Triangle Handrail 32mm x 70mm
  • Round Handrail 25mm
  • Round 2 Handrail 32mm
  • Round 3 Handrail 38mm
  • Round 4 Handrail 50mm

Stairpart Handrail U shape

Kayu Nyatoh Stairpart Ushape – Standard Size

Handrail Stainless Steel Bracket

Handrail Stainless Steel Bracket

Balustrade Post Cap/Balustrade Capping

Balustrade Post Cap/Balustrade Capping

Kayu Merbau for staircase 38mm x 295/300mm by WoodMalaysia

Kayu Merbau Stair Tread

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