19 Wood Wainscoting Design Malaysia


Today, wainscoting trend is on the rise in Malaysia, these type decorative treatment of walls comes in variety of sizes, patterns and wood types.

Briefly, it comprised of trim, chair rail, and molding detail, and running the horizontal length of your wall unit. Wainscoting is ideal for entryways, stairs, and hallways, as well as dining rooms, bathrooms, and social areas.

The richness and warmth of interior wainscoting which sometimes also called as wood paneling is a highly characteristic aspect of the Tudor and Elizabethan styles of decoration in England. The panels install easily and can quickly change a dull and drab room interior into a fashionable living space. One of the “hottest” new styles these days is a combination of an old and modern design, half-wall. Plain walls can take on character with the texture and architectural interest of wall decorative wood panels. A decorative wall covering can make the space reminiscent of beach cottages or old-fashioned porches or traditional Malay house with a contemporary and distinctive local identity.

Here are 19 wood wainscoting design ideas that can act as reference for local Malaysian.

Full Wall Wainscoting

Full Wall Wainscoting Design

Square Wall Wainscoting

Wainscoting Ideas Design 4 By WoodMalaysia
Square Wall wainscoting Design

Custom Wainscoting

custom-wainscoting-ideas by woodmalaysia

Multi-Frame Wainscoting

Wainscoting Ideas Design 6 By WoodMalaysia
Multi Frame Wainscoting Design

Half Wall Wainscoting

Half Wall Wainscoting By WoodMalaysia
Wainscoting Ideas Design 7 By WoodMalaysia

Board And Batten

Recessed Panel Wainscoting Sample Design Selangor

Crisscross Wainscoting

crisscross design wainscoting Malaysia
crisscross design wainscoting Malaysia.jpg 2

Chair Rail Moulding Only

Chair Rail only Malaysia.jpg 2
chair rail only wainscoting design

Some More Wainscoting Ideas

Wainscoting Ideas Design Malaysia
Wainscoting Design By WoodMalaysia
Wainscoting Ideas Design Malaysia

Interested In Us

For more design, you can visit our project gallery. If you are interested in our wood products or would like to try DIY, you can browse our wood skirting category. On a side note, we have nearly 100 wood skirtings and mouldings in different size and pattern, wood types range from Kayu Nyatoh to Meranti.

If you need help to calculate the wainscoting materials quantity required, you can try to use our calculator tool. After selected desire wood and pattern, if you prefer to get someone to do the job, you can Whatapps us or drop us an email/message for installation quote. For walk-in, here is the map for you.

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