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19 Wood Wainscoting Design Malaysia


Today, wainscoting trend is on the rise in Malaysia, these type decorative treatment of walls comes in variety of sizes, patterns and wood types. Briefly, it comprised of trim, chair rail, and molding detail, and running the horizontal length of your wall unit. Wainscoting…

Make Your Own Murah Wainscoting Selangor

Wainscoting Without Panel - Half Wall Selangor

We often call wainscoting as kayu panel in local Malaysia, both of terms are definitely interchangeable. Kayu paneling is always considered a great asset in a room. The designs usually rectangular piece forming a raised, recessed, or framed part of the surface in which…

Best Kayu Wainscoting In Selangor

Wainscoting aka Architrave

Solid wood is a middle-cost option with the look of a Bali natural to your home. If you wish to create the look of English style on your wainscoting without the high cost of hire carpenter, you may do it on your own. We…

Affordable Wood Divider Selangor

Wood Divider By Woodmalaysia

If you’re living or working in a small area or wide-open spaces, a room divider can be a great way to maximize space, prioritize privacy, and add a little creativity to the place. Any type of room dividers, doors, shutters, cladding, sometimes you just…


Ideas About Wainscoting, Wood Home Design In Malaysia

Welcome to our blogs! Through our blog, you can find some ideas about how to renovate your house into contemporary wooden house. You also can get new concepts on how to install wall panel and moulding on wall as well as other DIY woodworking….