Make Your Own Murah Wainscoting Selangor

Wainscoting Without Panel - Half Wall Selangor

We often call wainscoting as kayu panel in local Malaysia, both of terms are definitely interchangeable. Kayu paneling is always considered a great asset in a room. The designs usually rectangular piece forming a raised, recessed, or framed part of the surface in which it is set. It may sound complex so you are started thinking that find a contractor install and design for you. It is not a bad idea if the cost is secondary for you. But if it is exactly opposite which the cost is a primary concern, I guess you need to do it yourself.

The cost is always at least 5 times above if you get design firm do the wainscoting, it isn’t murah wainscoting at all. However, it is a taxing work without basic knowledge. Don’t worry if you purchase wood from us, this is because we will assist by providing you with all the basic knowledge from time to time through Whatapps support.

You may be home DIY hobbyist or wainscoting expert or rookie, so you may know all or know nothing about wainscoting DIY. I will just list a few guidances on how to make wainscoting in passing. We have talked about this in our earlier blog that explains the basic steps of making own kayu panel. Other than our tips, I also found two video clips from YouTube which it can walk you through. You can view this or this. After that, you can use our free wainscoting cost calculator to check the total cost.

Wood shows up in homes as a wallcovering can be in a number of ways. Let us have a look at these designs.

Standard Wainscoting – Half Wall

Wainscoting Without Panel - Half Wall Selangor

This is the cheapest pattern and most sought-after by local Malaysian. You can choose the larger wood skirting as chair rail which at the top of half wall. You then go for smaller wood skirting for those frames. The Top Murah Wainscoting – only cost you as low as RM 500.

Standard Wainscoting – Full Wall

Standard Wainscoting Full Wall Selangor

The price would rather high for full wall, so it depends on your budget. The local trend is to place a mirror on the wall that can visually expand the space in a room and bring in reflected light.

Raised Panel Wainscoting – Half Wall

Raised Panel Wainscoting Sample Selangor.jpg 2

To save time, other than normal wainscoting, you can buy pre-made wainscoting panels (Also called as wood panel) so that the only work will be installing them onto the wall. Uses wood panels to enhance virtually any interior space is one of wise choice. There are numerous styles and patterns to choose from, ensuring that you can find something to match your d├ęcor. You can select the desired width and height of your panels to reduces installation time if custom size option is available. Currently, we are only selling Kayu Nyatoh panel with price more than RM 70/SQF. Frankly, this is not cheap at all. We are still exploring new products but at a lower price, so leave us a message to able keep you updated.

Recessed Panel Wainscoting – Half Wall

Recessed Panel Wainscoting Sample Design Selangor.jpg 2.jpg

As you may notice some blogs from western countries, there are other terms such as flat panel and shaker that the center panel is specifically depressed. It have slightly difference between each of them. But most cases, pre-made moulding is the cost-effective choice if you go for these designs because it would save much time and job. We have offer pre-made service but anyhow the price will go beyond the top 3 above mentioned. This is why we don’t recommend customer very often unless you think this pattern is the only one.

Wainscoting always a good option to try if you want to change your wall design. But lately many locals are keen to purchase foam wainscoting or MDF or plastic wainscoting from e-commerce site such as Lazada and hardware shop due to murah price. Additionally, these kinds of wainscoting itself usually come with adhesive, so it is very easy to install. This is why it attracts customer. However, murah wainscoting doesn’t define within price, it is also about quality and durability. Solid wood as wainscoting is the traditional, natural and also the longest history among them, it has one-of-kind elements in it.

If you want to make your own murah wainscoting, DIY always good to go. Then if you are looking for wainscoting in hardwood, we are always good to go. You can check us out for The Hardwood Murah Wainscoting Specialist.

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  1. Hai what type of material wainscoting did your have and can you give the detail and price.

    • Hi, so far we only have solid wood wainscoting. Our wainscoting types are range from raised panel to beadboard, chair rail and frame. You can visit our wainscoting page for more details.

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