Wall Coverings

The natural appeal, versatility and strength of stone slate give superior choice for external or internal wall coverings. Through specification, planning, design and finishing processes, stone cladding not only creates a building of superior strength, weatherproof performance but also creates a place of beauty, style and natural appeal. Stone skin is a popular wall covering material, it often used for exterior building, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor BBQ area or swimming pool surrounds. Besides stone cladding, we also supplying other kinds of wall covering materials like MDF and hardwood.

Wooden Wall Panel Bathroom - Kayu Dinding Tandas Selangor
Stone Cladding - Deoli Green by WoodMalaysia

Stone Slate / Stone Cladding

Indian Autumn Stone Cladding

Stone Slate / Stone Cladding

Black translucent Stone Cladding

Stone Slate / Stone Cladding Translucent

Indian Autumn 2 Stone Cladding

Stone Slate / Stone Cladding

Acoustic MDF Wall Paneelling

Acoustic MDF Wall Panelling

Hardwood Veneer By WoodMalaysia

Wood Veneer

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Wooden Wall By WoodMalaysia

For other hardwood wall cladding.

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