Wood Flooring

There is a range of series of floor choices, materials which well-known such as laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, carpet and solid wood. If you find solid wood suits you, then you should not overlook us. Currently, we are focus on solid wood flooring which has kayu balau, kayu meranti and kayu nyatoh options available.  (Solid wood version come in random lengths)

Wood Flooring By WoodMalaysia
Kayu Balau For Wood Flooring

Kayu Balau Flooring 9mm x 43mm

Kayu Meranti For Wood Flooring

Kayu Meranti Flooring 25mm x 150mm

Special feature – Side curve

Kayu Meranti Flooring 12mm x 140/146mm

Kayu Damar Hitam For Wood Flooring
  • Kayu Damar Hitam TnG Flooring 25mm x 200mm
  • Kayu Damar Hitam Flooring Yellow 22mm x 203mm

Kayu Nyatoh Tongue and Groove For Wood Flooring

Kayu Nyatoh Flooring 19mm x 92mm

22mm x 70mm

Kayu Nyatoh Wood flooring P401
  • Kayu Nyatoh Flooring 10mm x 95mm
  • Kayu Nyatoh Flooring 10mm x 70mm

Kayu Merbau Flooring

Kayu Merbau 22mm x 145mm

Wood Flooring Decking - Kayu Nyatoh

Decking – Kayu Nyatoh 25mm X 70mm

Kayu Balau Decking

Decking – Kayu Balau 19mm x 93mm

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