6 Ideas Redo The Walls In Your Home

Wall is one of the cheapest space to redo. It’s also the most frequently “used”, so revamp the walls are often necessary. Walls have the power to increase the appeal of an entire house, as they are a key selling point for many homes. As such, redo the walls can also provide a significant increase in the return on your investment. Even if you have no intention of selling the house, a small transformation can still bring more value to your house for your own use. Let’s check out of 6 ideas to change your walls.

1. Wall Art

Wall Art

Art is one of a kind matter, it always so personal. That is the point of art – to create your own design. You could put the finishing touch on your walls with wall frames. You could also paint a mural on the walls or take advantage of the walls as storage. There are more ideas for you to decorate your wall in an art way.

2. Wainscoting


The kinds of wall renovation that will always bring the most value to your home is wainscoting. When working on a really tight budget for redo the walls, you may want to focus on half wall and chair rail only. There is few types of wainscoting such as full wall, half wall, board and batten, recessed panel, chair rail and raised panel. Very little money is required to DIY but it would cost higher if you hire a contractor. Meanwhile, you can try using our online calculator to calculate the cost of wainscoting.

3. Wall Fabric

Wall Fabric

If you love fashion, you may as well love wall cover with fabric. Fabric walling is a unique alternative to traditional wall coverings, though upholstered walls might not come at cheap price in local but it would be an excellent option. You can swap out old styles for more modern and timeless varieties and you’ll instantly revamp the appearance of the entire space.

4. Wallpaper


Dress up walls with wallpaper is one of the most appealing decorations in Malaysia. There’s no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on fancy features, it has an extensive design to stripes, classic and traditional, wall murals and textured, 3D, to kids and conversational. Often you don’t even have to replace new one for many years – unless they’re in atrocious condition. Sometimes you can mix wallpaper with wainscoting too.

5. Recessed Wall

Recessed Wall

You can create any kind of recessed wall for any purpose. Like, add shelve, add vase, add shutter, add new space with lighting and some more. A little tweak can change entire space without spending much money.

6. Paint

Wall Painting

It is not a secret that paint is the most cost-effective to revamp the walls. You can bring any colour into your room or any spaces, let paints set the mood.

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