Wooden Loft By WoodMalaysia
Wood Flooring By WoodMalaysia

Wood Flooring

From Kayu Meranti to Nyatoh. Solid planed wood.

Wainscoting By WoodMalaysia


Most Selling. More than 80 patterns and sizes wood skirting.

Wood Carving Design

Wood Carving Wall

Create a sense of timeless with carving pattern. Inspiration for mediterranean.

Wood Plank Wood Beam By WoodMalaysia

Wood Plank / Wood Beam

Small to medium to big size. Perfect choice for home improvement.

Wooden Ceiling Wood Cornice By WoodMalaysia

Wood Cornice / Wood Ceiling

Natural wood. Adding ceiling, window or door cornices will bring freshness and style to any house décor.

Wood Panel By WoodMalaysia

Wood Panel

Hardwood planed with various sizes.

Wood Staircase & Handrail Wood TurningBy WoodMalaysia

Wood Handrail / Wood Turning

A tropical style of railing and stair with Balinese decor and design.

Plywood / OSB Board

Use plywood within construction industry, its applications include external walls, partitions, roofing, flooring and so on.

Wooden Stick By WoodMalaysia

Wooden Stick / Other Woods

Apply for construction or campaign purpose. Bulk order with factory price.

Stone Wall Cladding Exterior

Wall Covering

Choices for exterior and interior wall cladding and veneer, froom wood to stone material.

Wood Divider / Wooden Wall By WoodMalaysia

Wood Divider

Custom made and standard made are available. Wooden space divider is the best option if you wish to create a new boundary within limit space.

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