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Wainscoting aka Architrave

Solid wood is a middle-cost option with the look of a Bali natural to your home. If you wish to create the look of English style on your wainscoting without the high cost of hire carpenter, you may do it on your own. We have more than 80 wood skirtings in various sizes and shapes, price range from RM 1/kaki to RM 40/kaki (Last updated as at 2019). You will find the right one for your home with us.

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Kayu Wainscoting As Wall Decoration

Why Solid Kayu? by

Top three materials to decorate your wall are paint, wallpaper and solid kayu(wood), they are available at different prices and various assortment. The expense to install wallpaper and kayu wainscoting is higher than paint. Paint is the most practical when it comes to the combination of cost and lifespan. It also saves more time, but a painted wall never a perfect choice if you wish to transform the wall. As for self-adhesive wallpaper, it is ideally fitted for owners who want to decorate wall with a wide selection of designs. Wallpaper can also be customized for different designs. You might find some design just modern and elegant and traditional at the same time even 3D style that can long-lasting just as much as kayu wainscoting.

However, the cost of wallpaper is not cheap, especially 3D wallpaper. You would probably find yourself exceed the budget if you didn’t lay out a good budget plan. Not all wallpaper design is evergreen that will retain its trend over the long-term. You might need to remove it after many years because it looks so outdated, so I advise that opt for design that can endure many decades.

When comes to durability, wallpaper and solid kayu have a long lifespan, it could go over a few decades which depends on maintenance work. Solid kayu is a natural beauty, it provides a sense of rustic. It doesn’t contain synthetic substance, so it is a health material. This is not to say that wallpaper is less healthy, they are not natural like wood. In my opinion, you can give everything a try. Have the best of both worlds like wallpaper + kayu wainscoting.

Fuss About Design?

You can visit our gallery or follow our FB page for latest wainscoting design.

Basic Steps To Do Kayu Wainscoting

FOR DIY – Just a few simple steps if you have confidence and time. You will need as, 1. Adhesive Glue (I recommend Dunlop Brand.) or Staple Gun or Nail Screw 2. Cutter 3. Silicone 4. Ruler and Pencil 5. Paint 6. Some apps which might help to balance the frames (If you can find one).

You may paint wood first or paint it later but you need to do it early at least 1 week to dry up the paint so you can install it later. First thing, measure and mark the area to install. Cut and trim all woods to the length you wish to install. Then use glue or staple gun or nail screw to secure them to the wall with marked sizes. Patch all lubang (gaps/holes) in silicone. That is how it would be for DIY with low budget. Don’t forget to make sure remove all the dirt, smoke and dust that’s attached itself to walls.

FOR WE INSTALL – Professional installers usually charge between RM 900 – RM 1500 per day (Last updated as at 2019). According to our experiences, one can estimate installation of wainscoting within 3 days if less than 600 kaki (feet), depends on the complexity of design and wall structure. All experts who work with us have a lot of experiences in installing wainscoting and other woodworking despite that they are third-party contractors. You may send us message for more details.

Why WoodMalaysia?

Wooden Ceiling By WoodMalaysia

I believe we are the best choice for wainscoting in Selangor. We have many kinds wood skirting and moulding for wainscoting, kayu type range from Nyatoh to Meranti. We have also provided one-stop service including supply, installation, site-visit and design for not only in Selangor but whole Klang Valley. We have been in wood industry for more than 10 years, our wide range of products including wood plank, wood cornice, wood beam, wood stick, wood handrail, wood ceiling and other timber related products.

We are supplier who supply focus on wood and acoustic for home renovation and improvement. We will always strive for improvement by increase the quantity of ready stock in our showroom to shorten lead times. One of our greatest assets is our ability to be trusted, so we will keep upgrading to serve you all better. On a relevant note, our core company brand is LovelyTeik, you can get to know us more by visit our website!

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