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If you’re living or working in a small area or wide-open spaces, a room divider can be a great way to maximize space, prioritize privacy, and add a little creativity to the place. Any type of room dividers, doors, shutters, cladding, sometimes you just realized you don’t need a wall. We can show you a few creative and functional solution for dividing a room.

See Through Cabinet Divider

Solid Wood Divider - Wood Partition

This is a great way to divide space but still keep that open concept feel at a cheap price. You can get ready made cabinet which has a similar design from furniture shop, most of the time retail prices tagged by furniture shop will range from RM 499 to RM 1599, depends on quality and design. You may visit the nearest furniture shop to find out! Alternatively, you can custom made from us. As such, you can have own design and sizes with solid wood material, but the price will not be cheaper than you get one from shop sometimes.

Steel Divider

Ikea Steel Divider

The design is intended to give a part of the industrial expression. If you have this kind as divider, you can use included hooks to hang things and decorations on the mesh wall. The product is clear-lacquered, which means that blemishes and marks from the production process are fully visible. You can have one from Ikea store Malaysia.

Wood Post Divider

Solid Wood Divider - Hardwood Partition

Simply use wood beam as divider which suitable for people who love simplicity. With its neat feature, they would fit perfectly in every space. You also can DIY if you are willing to spend some time during weekend. By DIY, you need to purchase wood beam in desirable sizes, prepare few tools such as wood cutter, screwdriver, adhesive glue(if partly install onto wall) and L-bracket. You can have us install it for you too if have a higher budget.

Functional With Shelf Divider

Multi Function Cabinet Divider And Partition

This is a sought-after functional divider that combines closet or wardrobe and bookshelf in the design. You can get a bespoke unit made out of wood Meranti and wood Nyatoh from us. With custom height and width, you can have an electrical technician to light up any corner around divider to create a sense of warmth.

Creative Divider

Creative Art Wood Beam Divider

There are several creative ways in which to create a bigger living space as well as add depth to a small apartment or room. Mirrors, for instance, it create an optic illusion, which makes your home look bigger and also provides depth. You also can collect strips of wood, old doors and other interesting pieces and then make use of hinges to create a room divider. It can be interesting and fun when you decorate your house. Why not create something that would get your friend and visitor’s attention when they visit you?

Acoustic Divider

Acoustic Divider - Acoustic Partition

Acoustic divider is a perfect choice for home theatre, office, spa centre and restaurant. The product is made of sound absorbing materials and therefore offers additional acoustic control in a space, given that noise levels can be distracting. You can opt for divider that upholstered in fabric. To add a personal touch, you can choose from a wide range of fabric colours. Some merchants provide a series includes everything from moveable to slidable acoustic divider and fixed room dividers. However, it might be too expensive for people who have a small budget.

Curtain Divider

Room Curtain Divider

Other than concrete wall, wood plank and panel, curtain will certainly a good choice without the need of spending a lot of money and time. It can add a sense of privacy to the area without taking up too much valuable space. It is handy as it easily opened and pulled back so they are more flexible when used. It depends on your requirement on curtain as you can visit shops which specialise in fabric and curtain such as MK curtain, Jakel, Crystalace Deco and so on.

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